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Ageless Secret Gold
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Ageless Secret Gold
Our supercharged formula that's the favorite of plastic surgeons and upscale spas and salons!*

We made this formula for our customers who went tanning or were heavy smokers. We recommend it if you are over age 55 or have a lot skin challenges. Many women and men who want to use only the very best choose the GOLD formula. It quickly makes big changes in the way your skin looks and feels. It saves you money on many other skin products because skin that looks and feels younger does not need as much facial cosmetic products. Throw away your toner, you will need less moisturizer, you will find that you will need less foundation and many ladies see that with time they completely eliminate the need. The Ageless Secrettm works like an acupucture face lift to tone, lift, tighten and brighten skin. You'll love that it fights wrinkles, firms skin, and never looks or feels sticky or oily.*

Our passion is sensational beauty without harm.  The Ageless Secrettm is an ALL Natural, Organic, Energetic Cosmetictm.  It is paraben free.  Contains no harsh chemicals.  The ingredients are super purifed water, MSM, Aloe and Trace Minerals, which have gone through many purification steps during our multi-step manufacturing process.  This unique process benefits you in 3 ways.  First, it makes the product so safe it does not sting eyes.  Secondly, it leaves no sticky, oily or powdery residue so you can use it over make-up during the day to refresh your look.  Third, it gives you the advantage of an Energetic Cosmetictm and acts like an acupuncture face lift in a bottle.*

You also benefit from our incredible discovery  - The Energy In Your Skin Determines How Your Skin Looks And Feels.  *
When we are young our energy in our skin was high.  Our skin was soft and elastic because this high energy allowed the collagen to  “wet” with water from within.  As we age our skin looses energy and the water within no longer “wets” the collagen as efficiently.  The powerful skin energizing effect of The Ageless Secrettm  boosts the energy of the skin the way it did when we were young and revitalizes the water within.  When used daily, even old dried skin gains moisture and looks young and vibrant again.  When you spray The Ageless Secrettm on your skin the amazing skin energizing ability revitalizes the water within and dramatically improves skin elasticity by up to 50%.  It also makes your skin feel soft and gives it a beautiful youthful glow.  And there is more.  The muscles on your neck and face give your neck and face their shape.  The skin energizing effect of The Ageless Secrettm tightens muscles and reconditions them. * 

One 4-oz bottle is a 2-month supply of the most remarkable Energetic Cosmetictm available.  On any purchase of a single bottle of The Ageless Secrettm, our guarantee is unconditional and we do not require the return of the bottle or any unused product.*

Ageless Secret Gold

Skin Care Product

Bottle contains 900 sprays

Water, MSM, Aloe, Trace Mineral Complex, Niacin, Botanical Extracts of: Capsicum, Ho Shou Wu, Helichrysum Italicum

Try The Ageless Secret Gold Formula on one hand. Spray the back of one hand 4-5 times. Rub it in. When it dries, compare the look and feel of your hands...and be amazed

For best results use 15-30 sprays per day. (At 15 sprays/lasts 60 days)

- Safe to use all over your body
- Does not burn or sting eyes

The Ultimate Facial Treatment:
Takes less than 2 minutes. Mist your freshly washed face with 5 sprays. Gently massage. Let dry. Repeat with 5 more sprays

Feel and Look Younger All Day
Use over make-up with no mess!
Just 1-2 sprays can maintain your younger look and boost your energy!
Use all over your body to have firmer, tighter looking skin

Not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, or prevent, mitigate, or cure disease

Gold Formula

Water, MSM, Aloe, Trace Mineral Complex, Niacin, Capsicum, Ho Shou Wu, Helichrysum Italicum

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  • Author: Unknown
    We Love It
    "As an author of a book that deals with reversing the aging process 'naturally', when I came upon the Ageless Secret website and found it to fit my strict requirements as outlined in my book, I immediately ordered a bottle. That was six months ago and I'm overjoyed to say the product continues to exceed my expectations. At 64, my skin has never been more luminous, radiant, toned and almost wrinkle-free. The Ageless is assisting me in looking younger and validates my message. The natural, energetic properties of the Ageless Secret are astounding and healthy. It won't be a secret for long."

    Joan M. Bunney, age 64, author of Sexy In Your 60's How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life

    Visit Joan's web site

    Dr. Pat Baccili, Seattle's No 1 Positive Talk Show Host LOVES Ageless Secret...

    Click here to hear her on air with Ageless Secret Clients!

    Ageless Secret ON TV in Spotlight on the Desert!
    Click here to see the Video with Before and After Photos.

    Want a Copy of This Video? CALL 888-424-4247

    Be sure to look at Kathleen Bennett's testimonial below. It was taken 2 years after this Video was made. If you compare her recent photo to how she looks in the video you will be amazed.

    Palm Springs Loves The Ageless Secret!
    “Every woman should know about this! 20 years in this business and I have never seen anything like it. The Ageless Secret has made my skin look like I have been bathing it in the fountain of youth. I was introduced to The Ageless Secret by a friend, Carol Russo. I noticed she was having results that looked like she was using a miracle in a bottle. Now, my customers tell me I look 20 years younger.”

    Anna-Liisa, AGE 61, Aesthetician Facials by Anna-Liisa, Palm Desert CA 760-835-5101

    “I am in my 60's and in my profession I am in the sun a lot. I have been using products from my dermatologist and do everything I can to protect and improve my skin since I had skin cancer surgery 4 years ago. I met Paula and Jim Kaszyk, founders of The Ageless Secret and my skin gradually improved. The longer I have used The Ageless Secret the better my results have become. It is amazing how much younger I look. My skin has a beautiful youthful glow, is much tighter, smoother and firmer. A frown line that was very deep and noticeable has almost disappeared and my face looks lifted!”

    Kathleen Bennett, Founder & Owner, Resort Marketing, Palm Springs California

    Look at Kathleen's photo and compare it to what she looked like in the Spotlight on the Desert Video! NO SURGERY. NO other invasive facial procedures. Pretty amazing. Especially when you consider that she did that Video 2 years ago because she had already seen a big improvement from her former look.

    “In my 24 years as an electrologist and 30 years as a skin care advisor in the Beauty Industry I have never seen anything like this product. The results are fantastic. And it’s so easy, just spray on and go. Thanks to The Ageless Secret I’m looking younger every day. The “Secret” is out!”

    Carol Montoya Russo, Electrologist, Perfection Electrolysis, Palm Desert, CA

    I have been using Ageless Secret for about a year. I turned 60 last summer. The results were immediate and startling. My boyfriend continues to rave about my skin on a daily basis, and insists it looks better than it did when we met 12 years ago. But the big test came in August and again in December when I visited old friends who hadn't seen me in a year or more. The first thing everyone said, unsolicited, was how wonderful my skin looked. And it continues to improve. My skin is extraordinarily hydrated (despite desert living), pores are tighter, my color is more radiant, my skin is firmer and more elastic than it has been in years. Many products on the market certainly nourish the skin, enhancing skin tone and hydration, but often reach a plateau beyond which the skin remains stable but does change the underlying quality of the skin. As demonstrated by Paula's on-going and startling transformation as her skin actually gets younger every 6 months, regular use of Ageless Secret actually makes skin look and act younger. And if that weren’t enough - and another indication of the synergistic nature of the product - my energy level has increased and, while always high, is now more consistent. And finally, Jim and Paula are committed to this product. They believe in and stand by their guarantees. They are dedicated to creating a product that is safe and effective for everyone.
    I look forward to many years of skin that is smoother, firmer and tighter.

    Susan Harmon

    Click here and see more testimonials from the Palm Springs area.

    Testimonials from the Professionals
    Dr. Howard Peiper

    Ageless Secret is featured in Dr. Peiper's book, "The Secrets to Staying Young." In it he endorses The Ageless Secret.

    Click Here to read Dr. Peiper's Article "Is Your Moisturizer Killing You?"
    Click Here to read Dr. Peiper's Article "Protect The Skin You're In"

    Prominent Doctor Discovers "GOLD"

    Dr. Curtis J. Perry, M.D. now offers and endorses The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula, anti-aging cosmetic, at his state of the art Artistic Surgical Center in East Greenwich.
    Dr. Perry, a well respected cosmetic surgeon and graduate of Brown University and an accomplished sculptor with a degree from RISD first became aware of The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula when he hosted a Business After Hours event and Jim Kaszyk, chief technologist of KASZ Enterprises, a long-time Chamber Member, approached him.
    Kaszyk, who has a degree in Chemistry from U Mass and has distinguished himself over the years in scientific circles, is proud to have invented The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula, which was the result of 10 years foundational research and 5 years of product development.

    Claire, Dr. Perry's office manager was the first person from Dr. Perry's office to evaluate the product. After about 60 days of evaluation she called Kaszyk raving about how amazed she was with her results from The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula. This was especially gratifying, because she told Kaszyk that of the many products they had evaluated over many years, there was only one product other than The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula, which met their standards.
    The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula has benefited Dr. Perry because it makes his patients look younger and that supports his mission, which is to make his patients look good and feel good. Dr. Perry is so impressed with the product that he and his wife Dr. Barbara Guillette M.D., ear, nose and throat specialist, now personally use The Ageless Secret GOLD Formula as a way to naturally reverse the signs of aging.

    ChamberWorks, September 2004

    Central RI Chamber Monthly Newsletter

    Dr. Richard Parlee, RPh, DC

    "I have been utilizing The Ageless Secret in my practice for the past 3 years. Both my clients and I have noticed remarkable results in the diminishment of wrinkles, a general tightening of the skin, and the hydrating effect it has on the areas of application. We also see great results from the de-stressing and rejuvenating aspects of The Ageless Secret as well. I continue to see the daily improvements The Ageless Secret has on my clients."

    Customer Testimonials
    “I was skeptical at first, but right after I started using The Ageless Secret spray, I noticed a definite difference in my skin. Since using it, my skin hasn’t stopped glowing and the tone, texture, and firmness is unbelievable. I use it all the time now because people always compliment me on my skin. This is truly a must-have product for any woman who wants to look and feel her best!”

    Cheri Ballinger, Professional Model/Actress

    "As an experienced and professional provider of anti-aging and acne skin care, I am extremely particular and selective of the products I use on my clients. So it is really something when I say that The Ageless Secretâ„¢ is one of my greatest product discoveries yet. The results of using The Ageless Secret GOLD - smoother, softer, healthier skin - are truly amazing.
    Not only do I use The Ageless Secret GOLD myself, twice or more a day, but I also use it regularly on my clients during DermaSound Ultrasonic treatments. The DermaSound allows me to penetrate The Ageless Secret even deeper into the skin with amazing results. No wonder it is the most requested treatment I offer. The remarkable enhancing effects of The Ageless Secret GOLD and the priceless pleasure and glowing skin it gives my clients, makes this high-performance product worth every penny!"

    Liz Lackman

    Owner/Clinical Skincare Specialist

    Blue Sea Acne & Anti-Aging Spa

    "I have evaluated and been disappointed by so many skin care products I have lost count. For me to present a product to the doctor it must be special and definitely work. The Ageless Secret GOLD formula totally amazed me. I love that it is quick and I can use it over make-up. We have seen good results in my jaw area. The skin is tighter, firmer and smoother. My skin also is now wonderfully dewy with a healthy vibrant tone and color. We now offer The Ageless Secret GOLD formula at our state of the art cosmetic surgery center." Claire is in her late 50s.

    Claire, Office Manager

    Dr. Cutis Perry M.D.

    Artistic Surgical Center, East Greenwich, RI
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