Ageless Secret Gold Original

Ageless Secret Gold Original
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Ageless Secret Original
You get all the benefits of our GOLD formula but the results may take longer because    The Ageless Secrettm GOLD formula is more than 7 times stronger.  We recommend The Ageless Secrettm Original formula if you are under the age of 40 or if that is all your budget allows.  Many of our clients, who use The Ageless Secret GOLD formula, also use The Ageless Secrettm Original as an all over body spray.  It is great when you are playing golf or tennis or by the pool.*

We made this formula for our customers who went tanning or were heavy smokers. We recommend it if you are over age 55 or have a lot skin challenges. Many women and men who want to use only the very best choose the GOLD formula. It quickly makes big changes in the way your skin looks and feels. It saves you money on many other skin products because skin that looks and feels younger does not need as much facial cosmetic products. Throw away your toner, you will need less moisturizer, you will find that you will need less foundation and many ladies see that with time they completely eliminate the need. The Ageless Secrettm works like an acupucture face lift to tone, lift, tighten and brighten skin. You'll love that it fights wrinkles, firms skin, and never looks or feels sticky or oily.*

You also benefit from our incredible discovery  - The Energy In Your Skin Determines How Your Skin Looks And Feels.*  
When we are young our energy in our skin was high.  Our skin was soft and elastic because this high energy allowed the collagen to  “wet” with water from within.  As we age our skin looses energy and the water within no longer “wets” the collagen as efficiently.  The powerful skin energizing effect of The Ageless Secrettm  boosts the energy of the skin the way it did when we were young and revitalizes the water within.  When used daily, even old dried skin gains moisture and looks young and vibrant again.  When you spray The Ageless Secrettm on your skin the amazing skin energizing ability revitalizes the water within and dramatically improves skin elasticity by up to 50%.  It also makes your skin feel soft and gives it a beautiful youthful glow.  And there is more.  The muscles on your neck and face give your neck and face their shape.  The skin energizing effect of The Ageless Secrettm tightens muscles and reconditions them.* 

One 4-oz bottle is a 2-month supply of the most remarkable Energetic Cosmetictm available.  On any purchase of a single bottle of The Ageless Secrettm, our guarantee is unconditional and we do not require the return of the bottle or any unused product.*

What is it?*
The Ageless Secret™ is an age management mist that is "stronger than gravity."

What does The Ageless Secret™ do?*
The Ageless Secret™ lifts, firms, tones and hydrates like a beauty mask.*

What problems will The Ageless Secret™ solve?*
The Ageless Secret™ provides all the benefits of a beauty mask without being noticeable or uncomfortable.*

What benefits does The Ageless Secret™ offer?*
Gravity is pulling down on skin making people look older. When used daily, the effect from The Ageless Secret™ is stronger than the aging effects of gravity and people look younger as they get older. It also gives immediate results. The Ageless Secret™ gives skin a beautiful healthy glow. Skin feels smoother, softer and tighter without any unpleasant residue or odor.*

What are the ingredients?*
The Ageless Secret™ is made with purified water and special ingredients that we make. We start with Trace Minerals, Aloe, and MSM. Then we put them through a special trade secret process that enhances their potency so we can use very tiny amounts. This allows us to make a product that has no objectionable residue or odor.*
MSM, which occurs naturally in rainwater, is a rich source of organic sulfur. The body uses sulfur to continually create new healthy cells to replace old ones. Many people use large amounts of MSM daily as a health-promoting food supplement. Aloe is known for its medicinal properties, including the ability to soothe burns. Trace minerals are thought to be catalysts essential to promoting essential electrochemical functions in healthy cells. Ours are derived from all-natural ingredients.*

How is The Ageless Secret™ different from similar products?*
It is not stinky, sticky or oily. It is a fine mist that can be used under or over make up with no mess. It does not burn or sting eyes. The Ageless Seceret™ is the only skin lifting, toning and hydrating product that can be comfortably used all day. When used all day its combined lifting, toning and skin hydrating effects are greater than the aging effects due to gravity and people look younger.*

Who makes it? Are they reputable?*
It is made by KASZ Enterprises, a company that has been formulating age management skin products for more than 15 years and has a wonderful track record with its customers.*

What is the difference between The GOLD and the Original?*
Generally, the older a person is, and the more they have abused their skin, the more they need to use the GOLD. For as little as 60 cents per day (less than a cup of coffee) a person can use the Original and now look younger as they get older. The GOLD is 7 times stronger. It costs less than $2.70 per day and it produces the fastest results. Many customers who go to clinics and spas buy both and use the Original as an all over body spray.*

How do I use it?*
Nothing is easier. Just spray it on your skin anytime of the day, even over make-up.*

Ageless Secret Original 4 oz

Skin Care Product

Bottle contains 900 sprays

Water, MSM, Aloe, Trace Mineral Complex, Niacin, Botanical Extracts of: Capsicum, Ho Shou Wu, Helichrysum Italicum

Try The Ageless Secret on one hand. Spray the back of one hand 4-5 times. Rub it in. When it dries, compare the look and feel of your hands...and be amazed

For best results use 15-30 sprays per day. (At 15 sprays/lasts 60 days)

- Safe to use all over your body
- Does not burn or sting eyes

The Ultimate Facial Treatment:
Takes less than 2 minutes. Mist your freshly washed face with 5 sprays. Gently massage. Let dry. Repeat with 5 more sprays

Feel and Look Younger All Day
Use over make-up with no mess!
Just 1-2 sprays can maintain your younger look and boost your energy!
Use all over your body to have firmer, tighter looking skin

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