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Why buy from us?

  1. Best Products - the best products from the best companies 

  2. Profesional Testing - we offer state-of-the-art testing to determine your needs.

  3. Wide Selection - not only do we offer the best products we can find we look for multiple verndors to give you choice.

  4. Reliable Information. It is more important to us that we share with you reliable information then it is that we make a sale. We offer all the legal information we can on each product that we sell so that you can make informed choices.

  5. Extremely Knowledgable Staff - with over 25 years of clinical experience we can help you to make the best choice for you. 

Our purpose with this site is to empower you to make informed health choices in a very complex world. Many of us search the internet looking for answers. Yet based on recent research, over the half the information on the internet is false. This certainly applies to the wildly exaggerated claims one can find concerning health. We hope you find the information we provide informative and helpful.

Over our 25 years in practice we have had patients come into our office with shopping bags of supplements that did not work. Why? As best we can tell it has been for three basic reasons:

  1. Poor Diagnosis - not determining the causative factors.

  2. Poor Treatment Focus - Products not properly targeted at the real problem

  3. Poor Quality Proucts - using low quality, low energy, poor utalized supplements.

We are attempting to address all three issues. We offer help in making your decisions. We use state of the are laboratory tests along with Zyto Biometric Scanning, history and symptom evalutaiton to target the cause. And finally we use the highest quality supplements we can find.


Our secure Online Store features the absolute finest natural health & nutrition products and programs from the best professional companies. We have put together Nutrition and Vitamin Products and recommended health programs for your most common health needs. These programs and laboratory tests have been developed from the latest scientific research and clinical experience. These are the same programs and tests we use in our office and they are available to you on-line.


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