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Pleo Sanum

Pleo Sanum products by Sanum-Kehlbeck: are the original isopathic and homeopathic biological medicines from Germany. These products provide a broad spectrum medical alternative that is not antibiotic or hormone based while effectively delivering acute and chronic care

Pleo Sanum Product Line
  • Pleo ALB (Albicansan)
  • Pleo ALKALA (Alkala N)
  • Pleo ART ‘A’ (Arthrokehlan ‘A’)
  • Pleo ART ‘U’ (Arthrokehlan ‘U’)
  • Pleo CAL (Calvakehl)
  • Pleo CERIVI (Cerivikehl)
  • Pleo CHELATE
  • Pleo CHRYS (Chrysocor)
  • Pleo CITRO (Citrokehl)
  • Pleo CUP (Cuprukehl)
  • Pleo EX (Exmykehl)
  • Pleo FORM (Formasan)
  • Pleo FORT (Fortakehl)
  • Pleo GINKGO (Ginkgobakehl)
  • Pleo GRIF (Grifokehl)
  • Pleo LARI (Larifikehl)
  • Pleo LAT (Latensin)
  • Pleo LEPTU (Leptucin)
  • Pleo MUC (Mucokehl)
  • Pleo MUC EX (Mucokehl Ex)
  • Pleo MUCEDO (Mucedokehl)
  • Pleo MUSCAR (Muscarsan)
  • Pleo NIG (Nigersan)
  • Pleo NIG EX (Nigersan Ex)
  • Pleo NOT (Notakehl)
  • Pleo OKU (Okoubasan)
  • Pleo ORYZAE (Oryzae)
  • Pleo PEF (Pefrakehl)
  • Pleo PIN (Pinikehl)
  • Pleo POLY (Polysan)
  • Pleo QUENT (Quentakehl)
  • Pleo REB (Rebas)
  • Pleo REC (Recarcin)
  • Pleo RELIVORA (Relivora)
  • Pleo RUB (Ruberkehl)
  • Pleo SAN (Sanukehl)
    • Pleo SAN ACNE (Sanukehl Acne)
    • Pleo SAN BRUCEL (Sanukehl Brucel)
    • Pleo SAN CAND (Sanukehl Cand)
    • Pleo SAN COLI (Sanukehl Coli)
    • Pleo SAN KLEBS (Sanukehl Klebs)
    • Pleo SAN MYC (Sanukehl Myc)
    • Pleo SAN PROT (Sanukehl Prot)
    • Pleo SAN PSEU (Sanukehl Pseu)
    • Pleo SAN SALM (Sanukehl Salm)
    • Pleo SAN SERRA (Sanukehl Serra)
    • Pleo SAN STAPH (Sanukehl Staph)
    • Pleo SAN STREP (Sanukehl Strep)
    • Pleo SAN TRICH (Sanukehl Trich)
  • Pleo SAN GER (Sanumgerman)
  • Pleo SANCOM (Sankombi/Sancombi)
  • Pleo SANUVIS (Sanuvis)
  • Pleo SELENE (Selenokehl)
  • Pleo SPERMUS (Leptospermusan)
  • Pleo STOLO (Penicillium Stoloniferum)
  • Pleo STROPH (Strophanthus)
  • Pleo THYM (Thymokehl)
  • Pleo USNEA (Usneabasan)
  • Pleo USTI (Ustilakehl)
  • Pleo UT (Utilin)
  • Pleo UT ‘S’ (Utilin ‘S’)
  • Pleo VER (Verrukehl)
  • Pleo ZINC (Zinkokehl)
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Consultation With Dr. Forrest, DC
SKU: FH001

Consultation with Dr. Forrest - Dr. Forrest, MA, MH, DC, is a licensed  chiropractor in California. His is available for in-office visits and informational/educational phone/Skype consultations and Zyto and EVOX Biometric Body Scans. You are welcome to draw on his over 28 years of clinical experience.

Our Price: $75.00
Pleo ALB (Albicansan)

Pleo ALB (Albicansan) | Pleo Sanum - Pleo Alb (Albicansan) is for chronic and systemic mycosis (fungus) of the mucous membranes

Our Price: $30.00
Market price: $70.80 save 58%
Pleo ALKALA “N” powder 150g

Pleo ALKALA “N” powder 150g | Pleo Sanum - is a base mixture, excellently suited for correction of the acid-base balance in the organism by decreasing tissue acidosis and increasing mitochondrial respiration

Our Price: $32.00
Pleo ART 'A' (Arthrokehlan 'A')

Pleo-ART 'A': (Arthrokehlan 'A') | Pleo Sanum - isis for cases of arthritis, stiffness from pain, and pain from a degenerative spine. Very effective

Our Price: $34.47
Market price: $38.30 save 10%
Out of stock
Pleo ART ‘U’ (Arthrokehlan ‘U’)

Pleo ART ‘U’ (Arthrokehlan ‘U’) | Pleo Sanum - homeopathic preparation used for the stimulation of endogenic defense capacities. It also acts as an adjuvant in anti-carcinomatous therapy


This item is out of stock

Our Price: $34.47
Market price: $38.30 save 10%
Out of stock
Pleo CAL: (Calvakehl) ) 3x 10 ml

Pleo-CAL: (Calvakehl) 3x 10 ml | Pleo Sanum - used in bleeding disorders (of the nose and uterus), weakness of the heart and circulatory system, lack of oxygen in the blood, skin rashes and digestive conditions (indigestion, diarrhea)

Our Price: $18.00
Market price: $20.00 save 10%
Pleo CERIVI (Cerivikehl)

Pleo CERIVI (Cerivikehl) | Pleo Sanum - Promotes circulation of the mucous membranes and is indicated for conditions of the respiratory tract including: sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, dry cough and for lack of appetite

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo Chelate

Pleo Chelate 100 ml | Pleo Sanum - Is able to stimulate the body's capacity of chelating and secreting ionic metals and particularly heavy metals

Temporaily Out of Stock please check back later!

Our Price: $56.52
Market price: $62.80 save 10%

Pleo-CHRYS | Pleo Sanum - stimulate the metabolism and to address functional disturbances of the male gonads, climacterium virile, conditions of "old age", sexual asthenia (libido), hypogenitalism, sexual adynamia


Our Price: $169.65
Market price: $188.50 save 10%
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Pleo Citro (Citrokehl)

Pleo Citro (Citrokehl) | Pleo Sanum - homeopathic citric acid used to support the Kreb's citric acid cycle.

Our Price: $51.00
Pleo CUP (Cuprukehl)

Pleo CUP (Cuprukehl) | Pleo Sanum - Pleo Cup (Cuprukehl) is used for inflammatory processes in the stomach, intestines and kidneys (both pre- and post-operative phases)

Our Price: $31.05
Market price: $34.50 save 10%
Out of stock
Pleo EX (Exmykehl)

Pleo EX (Exmykehl) | Pleo Sanum - combination of Pleo Alb (Albicansan), Pleo Pef (Pefrakehl) and Pleo Fort (Fortakehl). It is used for chronic fungal conditions and all types of mycosis, especially of the mucous membranes. Replaced by San Pharma Candida-Roqueforti.

Our Price: $28.20
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Pleo FORM (Formasan)

Pleo FORM (Formasan) | Pleo Sanum - homeopathic formic acid and is used for complaints of allergies, rheumatism and inflammation

Our Price: $25.00
Pleo GINKGO (Ginkgobakehl)

Pleo GINKGO (Ginkgobakehl) | Pleo Sanum - indicated in circulatory disturbances (arterial and peripheral), arteriosclerosis, and weakness in concentration and tiredness

Our Price: $39.00
Pleo GRIF (Grifokehl)

Pleo GRIF (Grifokehl) | Pleo Sanum - an adaptogenic effect on unbalanced body functions, and is used in cases of the herpes virus (including Herpes blisters, Herpes zoster, Herpes simplex and Herpes genitalis), diabetes mellitus, hypertonia, obesity, and as an immunostimulant.

Pleo GRIF is out of stock

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Pleo LARI (Larifikehl)

Pleo LARI (Larifikehl) | Pleo Sanum - Pleo Lari (Larifikehl) is for lung conditions as well as inflammation of the digestive organs and fever

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo LAT (Latensin)

Pleo LAT (Latensin) | Pleo Sanum - is indicated in sub-acute and chronic inflammations, conditions of weakness and has a beneficial effect in immune modulation

Our Price: $28.80
Market price: $32.00 save 10%
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Pleo LEPTU (Leptucin)

Pleo LEPTU (Leptucin) | Pleo Sanum - increases blood circulation, stimulates circulation to the extremities and is immunostimulating. May be helpful for vascular migraines, tinnitus and inflammation of the bladder

Our Price: $52.20
Market price: $58.00 save 10%
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Pleo Muc (Mucokehl) Eye Drops

Pleo Muc (Mucokehl) Eye Drops | Pleo Sanum -  is used in circulatory and congestive conditions. It increases circulation and decreases congestion, especially affecting the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo Muc Ex (Mucokehl Atox)

Pleo Muc Ex (Mucokehl Atox) | Pleo Sanum -  used to support both metabolic and decomposition product (Mucor racemosus) elimination, especially after treatment with Pleo Muc (Mucokehl).

Our Price: $29.00
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Out of stock
Pleo MUCEDO (Mucedokehl)

Pleo MUCEDO (Mucedokehl) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Mucedo (Mucedokehl) is used for regulatory dysfunction of the lymphatic system, to increase microcirculation to the endocrine glands and brain, for thyroid function disturbances, upper respiratory tract conditions and neuro-vegetative syndrome (anxiety).

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo MUSCAR (Muscarsan)

Pleo MUSCAR (Muscarsan) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Muscar (Muscarsan) is for detoxification (from drugs and medication), muscle spasms, organs and blood vessels, migraines and nervous disorders (intestinal

Our Price: $43.00
Pleo Nig (Nigersan)

Pleo Nig (Nigersan) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Nig (Nigersan) is used for tubercular and paratubercular conditions (mucous membrane, tissue and joint inflammations) and to increase lymphatic circulation and nervous disorders (intestinal

The Pleo Nig drops are currently out of stock. The tablets and sips are still available

Our Price: $25.65
Market price: $28.50 save 10%
Out of stock
Pleo NIG EX (Nigersan Atox)

Pleo NIG EX (Nigersan Atox) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Nig Ex (Nigersan Atox) is used to support both metabolic and decomposition product (Aspergillus niger) elimination, especially after treatment with Pleo Nig (Nigersan)

Our Price: $29.16
Market price: $32.40 save 10%
Out of stock
Pleo NOT (Notakehl)

Pleo NOT (Notakehl) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Not (Notakehl) is a homeopathic remedy for both chronic and acute bacterial infections and conditions, especially for staph and strep infections. 

Available in drops, tablets, capsules and suppositories 

Our Price: $28.50
Out of stock
Pleo Oku (Okoubasan)

Pleo Oku (Okoubasan) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Oku (Okoubasan) is derived from Okoubaka aubrevillei and is used in cases of food poisoning, healing of infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, food intolerances and during elimination of metabolic waste products.

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo ORYZAE (Sanoryzae)

Pleo ORYZAE (Sanoryzae) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Oryzae (Sanoryzae) acts on the vascular system by stimulating the blood circulation. It is used for disturbed circulation of the coronaries, internal ear, headaches and high blood pressure.

Our Price: $25.38
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Pleo PEF (Pefrakehl)

Pleo PEF (Pefrakehl) | Pleo Sanum -  Pleo Pef (Pefrakehl) is used for enteral mycosis when fungus first enters orifices and for dental conditions

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo Pin (Pinikehl)

Pleo Pin (Pinikehl) | Pleo Sanum Pleo Pin (Pinikehl) is used for conditions of the liver and spleen and for intermittent fever

Our Price: $30.00
Pleo PSEU (Sanukehl Pseu)

Pleo PSEU (Sanukehl Pseu) | Pleo Sanum - Sanukehl Pseu is for infectious and allergic dermatitis, insect bites, burns, upper respiratory tract infections (e.g. bronchial asthma, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, hay fever) and autoimmune diseases.

Our Price: $38.00
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Out of stock
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