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Herpes Virus

Herpes Virus There are a variety of viral infections that are widely seen that can lead to a host of health issues including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and myofacitis.

Eight Types of Herpes – What You Need to Know

Did you know that there are now eight known strains of herpes virus, with many of them effecting up to 95% of adults? Following is a brief explanation of each so you know what to look for in your patients/clients:

HSV1: Causes cold sores and is spread through direct physical contact.

HSV2: Causes genital herpes and is spread through sexual contact.

HHV3 (Varicella-zoster virus): Causes shingles or chickenpox and is extremely contagious.

HHV4 (Epstein Barr): Most common cause of mononucleosis, it is spread through saliva and can be transmitted through kissing, sharing of silverware, drinks, etc. It is estimated that between 90-95% of adults are carriers of HHV4.

HHV5 (Cytomegalovirus- CMV): HHV5 is generally not a threat to adults with strong immune systems, though, like HHV4 it can be a cause of mono. In people with weak immune systems, CMV can cause a variety of diseases such as colitis, hepatitis, and pancreatitis. CMV can be transmitted through sexual contact, breast-feeding, blood transfusions, and organ transplants. 

HHV6 & HHV7: Much new research is being done on the effects of closely related HHV-6 and HHV-7. Both are known to cause roseola infantum, a disease causing rash, high fever, and sometimes fever-induced convulsions common in young children. 

HHV-8: Has been found to be the causative agent in Kaposi’s sarcoma, which and cause purplish skin/tissue tumors and is usually found in patients with HIV/AIDS. Kaposi’s sarcoma has also occurred in cancer patients, and those taking strong immunosuppressant drugs. HHV-8 doesn’t cause significant disease in those with strong immune systems.

There are also a great many tests that are availbable to help determine which viruses and other related issues are involved.


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