Arginine Plus Suppositories - 60 Count

Arginine Plus Suppositories - 60 Count
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Arginine Plus Suppositories - 60 Count | Zetpil

Arginine Plus Suppositories is one of the most important amino acids and offers many benefits to the human body. It has become very popular among those who work out and lift weights. *

Arginine Plus suppositories were specifically formulated to be taken alone or in combination with the lysine suppository for effectiveness in the body's growth hormone levels, a key hormone that declines with age. It is known for boosting metabolism, healing wounds, removing excess ammonia, improving the immune system and has also been used in patients suffering from congestive heart failure or angina because it helps the blood vessel dilate. L-Arginine has also been used for sexual dysfunction for men and women.*


Arginine Plus Suppositories - 60 Count | Zetpil

Suppository base: h3 base is a proprietary combination of plant and fruit butters, medium chain trglycerides, natural phospholipids, lecithin, vegetable starches, guar gum and xanthan gumThis item is not returnable



This product can often be stored at room temperature from 21°C /70°F to 28°C /82°F.  However, to allow for optimal ease of use, it is best to store in a cool place (15°C /59°F to 22°C /72°F),  in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use.  This is especially important when this product is used as a suppository (See Directions). If the materials in the shell liquefy/melt during shipping, remove the shells from the packaging, shake/agitate the strips and then place in the freezer until the product in the shell hardens (10-15 minutes).  Although the re-hardened material in the shell may be slightly misshapen, the softening, shaking and cooling of the suppository in no way alters the effectiveness of the active ingredients or overall product delivery into the body

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Why a Suppository?
The difference between an Arginine Suppository and an oral Arginine supplement is so profound there simply is no comparison. Most people take Arginine to increase endothelial NO, and Growth Hormone.
Oral Arginine is actually dangerous.
In fact patient compliance of the high Arginine dosages needed make it difficult to achieve a consistent therapeutic response. However, if the dosages are too high (subjected to inter-individual variability factor) the excessive dosages can actually suppress the eNOS levels by activating a feedback mechanism the body employs to mitigate the excessive formation of NO. This exists since excessive NO levels facilitate formation of the most damaging free radicals known, i.e. the peroxynitrate prooxidant/ free radical.
Previously performed research has demonstrated that the oral Arginine needed may be as high as 11 grams (...not sustainable from a patient compliance perspective) to achieve a pharmocodynamically effective therapeutic level of 1650 mgs needed by the majority of the patient population to raise the endothelial NO. This high dosage is necessary because Arginine undergoes 85% enzymatic degradation by the compound arginase secreted by the enterocytes and hepatocytes when arginine is orally ingested.
This level of enzymatic degradation makes it extremely difficult to achieve therapeutic dosages orally and/or titrate the oral dosage without triggering a counterproductive pro-oxidant/free radical cascade. Note, this cascade can be prevented by the use of an elevated dosage of melatonin 30mgs (Zetpil Deep Penetrating Crème) or 80 mg SR suppository. However it appears to make more sense to use the specially formulated Zetpil rectal Arginine suppositories (2-3) to achieve the therapeutic dosage. The implementation of this mode of delivery effectively bypasses the arginase secreting enterocytes and hepatocytes, as well as first liver metabolism, 2nd metabolism (dependent on the Arginine form utilized) and inherent hepatic regulation of the release of the Arginine stored as a result of first liver metabolism of the Arginine that has escaped arginase enzymatic degradation.
Rectal delivery might not be the most socially acceptable form of delivery, but it is, in my opinion, the only current mode of delivery that can effectively achieve therapeutic dosages prior research has predicted is needed to increase eNOS and NO formation as well as mitigate atherosclerotic formation or vascular xanthomas .
There is approximately 50mgs of Arginine per gram of crude protein...and again only 15 percent of this, actually gets into the liver, and logically only a fraction is released by the liver effect elevation of vascular NO since Arginine also performs other tasks in the body and thus is subject to the bodies inherent predisposition to ration and distribute compounds as needed given the current biochemical environment.
Citrulline has been proposed but it is dependent on normal kidney function as well an efficient conversion of the citrulline to achieve an elevation of arginine stimulated eNOS/NO.
I personally consistently take Arginine and Piceatannol suppositories in the AM given my familial history of heart disease.
How Much Arginine?
Each suppository is the equivalent of actual 4000-5000 mgs of oral Arginine, since 85% to 90% percent of all oral Arginine undergoes enzymatic degradation and neutralization. Therefore only 10-15% survives when taken orally. There are also forms and each contains only a percentage of actual Arginine. Unfortunately over time, the more you take orally the more you suppress tits usage as it is perceived to be excessive and therefore the very pathway you want to enhance to repair blood vessels actually suppressed to the point of creating deficiency of Arginine. Thus is why it is not a drug. Suppository is the ONLY WAY TO take it to get the desired effect.
The suppositories actually contain 500 mg of ELEMENTAL ARGININE. Please understand the difference...every form of Arginine has a % of Arginine bound to another compound to enhance absorption. Arginine comes as Arginine orotate, aspartate, Arginine AKG Arginine HCL....and each has a certain bioactivity...the suppositories cannot be evaluated as to the amount since it would require you to explain the complete problem with taking oral Arginine. Suffice it to say that all oral forms of Arginine in order to even approach being effective would require one to take 15 grams (15,000 mgs) However a overtime this will actually result in deficiency since the body will perceive this as excessive and shut down the pathways where it is need most
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